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This ranking presents the most beautiful famous Armenian actors, singers, models, and other famous people from all over the world,50 place and opens the rating of beautiful Armenian singer Hayk Hakobyan (Hayko) year of birth 1972hayko.49th Abraham Ilidzhyan singer Avraam Russo is known as the year of birth 1969 Syriaruso.48th place is actor and director Rodion Nakhapetov an Armenian father, mother is Ukrainian year of birth 1944rodion.47 Took the TV presenter, journalist Felix Khachatryanfelo year of birth 1978.46th and continues rating violinist, musician Sergey Khachatryanseroj..45 place and here the actor Ararat Keschyanararat year of birth 1978.Continues rating singer Gurgen Dabaghyangugo year of birth 1988.43 location singer, famous singer Charles Aznavour(Shahnur Vaxinak Aznavuryan)singer, songwriter, actor, Armenia's Ambassador to Switzerland. Aznavour has created about 1,000 songs, played in 60 films and sold more than 100 million. discs. According to a joint survey of the magazine "TIME" and CNN (1998), Aznavour named the best singers of the XX centurysarl year of birth 1924.Continues rating actor Sos Janibekyansos year of birth 1988, 42 th.41 spot model Michael Aghajanianmiqo.At 40 place known Latino actor,musician,model Osvaldo RiososvaldoArmenian by origin date of birth 1960.39 place and continues the rating model Sarkis Mkrtchyanсако.a 38-site model Brother famous model Kim Kardashian, Robert Kardashianроб year of birth 1987.37th and continues rating singer Eric Karapetyanэрик.On 36 place Samvel TopalianСамвел Топалян фотоactor year of birth 1984.35 place here Agajan Petrosyanагайан model.34th and continues rating singer Hayk Kasparovкаспаров.33 place and continues rating actor Khoren Levonyanхорен year of birth 1983.32 place and continues rating broadcaster Arman Margaryanарман.31 location singer Ararat Amadyanамадян.30 place here model Aram Gevorgyanарам.29th place ranking, and continues the singer Narek Baveyanнарек year of birth 1983.28 place here footballer Robert Arzumanyanарзуман.At 27 place singer reper Mishomisi.26 place and continues rating singer Jora Dilbaryanjora.25 location singer Arsen Safaryanarsen.24 place and continues the rating model Hayk Shahnazaryanайк.At 23 place singer Armen Gondrachyan Armenchikарменчик known as the year of birth 1980.22 place here, model David Aghajanianдажо.21 location singer Harout Balyanхароу year of birth 1979.20 place and continues rating singer, musician Torosyan Araz (Araz Darе)араз.19 place and here the singer Andre (Andre Hovnanian)андре year of birth 1981.18 place and continues rating singer Aramеараме Year of birth 1982.At the 17th spot singer Patrick Fiori Jean Francois Shushanyanшатрик year of birth 1969 an Armenian father Corsican mother.16 place and continues the rating model Karen ManasyanкаренYear of birth 1992.15 place and continues ranking Armenian reper Margaryan Haykмишо birth year 1985.At the 14th spot singer Ruslan Eylazyanруслан.13 place here Vahagn Azaryanвааг model.12th and continues rating singer, musician and broadcaster Alexey Chumakovчумак year of birth 1981 Armenian by the mother, the father is Bulgarian.11th place ranking continues singer Gevorg Martirosyangevor.10th model here Artur Grigoryanartur g.In 9th place singer Mihran Tsarukyanmiran year of birth 1989.8th place and continues the rating model David Gharibyandavaid. Continues rating model Armen Sargsyanarmen model 7th place.At the 6th place singer Arsen Grigoryanarsen gr.5th place here model Vardan Mnatsakanyanvrdo.4th place ranking, and continues the famous dancer Mihran Kirakosianmiro.3rd place and continues rating Hollywood actor Hrach Titizyanhrac year of birth 1979.2 site model Emil Margaryanemil known as the Emil Mark.1st place and completes the ranking actor, model Anthony Martirosyanentoni