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This ranking presents the most beautiful famous Armenian woman half in which one of the parents is Armenian, or is of Armenian origin,and so 32 th place singer Anastasia Brukhtyбрухти armenian mother jewish father .And so 31 the place actress,director ,born in 1969aleksandra hedson armenian mother,italian father.And so 30 th place and opens the top writer, theater and film actress Adrienne Barbeu Armenian by the father of the mother is French, German and iralndskie roots birth year 1945on the 29th place actress Sabina Ahmedova сабинаArmenian mother, father Azerbaijani.28 place and continues rating singer fashion model Dita Von Teese real name Heather Renee Sweet year of birth 1972 has Armenian and German roots from his father, British and scotland roots of the mother.27 place and continues the rating opera singer Mary Ji O Doherty Armenian mother, father Australian, born 1982 2 April was born in Houston Texas, in 2015, together with the Geneology group introduced Armenia to Eurovision mary j.It continues rating singer, one of the famous stars of show business in the Arab world Nourhanne, an Armenian mother's father is half Armenian, half Arab, year of birth 1977 Lebanon,23th.At 26 place singer Cherilyn Sargsyan (Cher), the father of an Armenian mother is English, Irish, German and Cherokee ancestry born in 1946,it is one of the few singers in the bank of awards which are simultaneously present "Oscar", "Grammy", "Emmy" and 3 "Golden Globe", received for his work in film, music and television industry.25 place and here the model of the USА Srbuhi Yvette Nelson, an Armenian mother, father German year of birth 196924 place and continues the rating of the USA singer Stephanie Topalian Armenian father, mother Japanese year of birth 1987стефани.23 place and continues to top the singer Sylvie Vartan Armenian father, a mother of Hungarian birth year 1944.On the 22th model actress Emilia Ares Zoryanэмиля
емиля9 half armenian half spain father,half italian half arabic,half iranian mother.21th place ranking, and continues the singer Helen Segarra Armenian mother, father Italian year of birth 1971In 20th place model Kourtney Kardashian sister of the famous TV star Kim Kardashian Armenian father, mother, half Scottish, half Dutch..On 19 place model Eva Anoush Berberian armenian father,french mother date of birth 1986evaOn 18th place model Jaime Ridge Armenian mother, father, an Englishman from New Zealand .17 place here, the TV presenter, journalist Tina Kandelaki (Tinatin) Armenian by his mother, father Georgians15th place top model Anna Selezneva mother Armenian Russian father, year of birth 1990.14 place and continues the rating model Stephanie Nazoyan Armenian father, mother French.13st place and continues the rating actress Erika Marozsán, an Armenian mother, father from Hungary year of birth 197212 place here Magaya Petrosyan actress actress from Iran Armenian mother, father, half Armenian, half Iranian year of birth 1970 Tehran.On the 11th place winner of Miss Netherlands 2012 Stephanie Tency an Armenian mother, father, half German half Indonesian.10th place ranking continues winner of the Miss Oregon (USA) Sylvia Darpinyan Armenian father, mother, half Armenian, half an England year of birth 1986.9 place and continues rating singer, actress Nicole Saba from Lebanon, Armenian mother, father an Arab year of birth 1974.At the 8th place Soviet actress Tinatin Belousova (Hayrapetyan) mother is Armenian, Belarusian father Year of birth 1937.7 the place TV presenter Diana Malenko armenian mother ,father half armenian half ukrainianдианам6 the placeoriental dancer star Samira(Yulia)Zopunyanсамира3 father of an Armenian, mother of an Adygeic 6th place and continues to top actress, filmmaker Lauren Barseghyan Armenian father, mother has Italian, Scottish and English roots.5th place here model, TV personality, actress Kimberly Noel Kardashian Armenian by his father, the mother is Scottish and Dutch roots.4th place here Bollywood actress Tulip Joshi Armenian mother, father Indian birth year 1972 in Mumbai, India. 4rd place and here the model of the USА Sharon Kavjian Armenian father, mother Irish year of birth 1992.3rd place and here model Jessica Nanikian armenian father,african motherjessica nanikyan
jessicananikyan32 site model Miss Canada 2006 Alice Panikyan Armenian father, mother Bulgarian.And on the first ,beauty who presented Armenia in the Miss USA Asia competition in the US Trayfena Zambre mother is Armenian, Hindu father

trayfenan u qur@see alsohttp://james-valone.livejournal.com/7509.htmlTHE MOST BEAUTIFUL ARMENIAN GIRL KNOWN THOROUGHBRED

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