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In a world of no surprise the abundance of talent and celebrities among Armenians.In this ranking, I put together the most beautiful and famous actresses of Armenian origin who live in different countries of the world, retro and modern actress actress of Armenian and Soviet cinemaand so opens our top theater and film actress, Metaksya Simonyan (1926-1987) Armenian Soviet actress34th.33th and here actress Laura Vardanyanлаура вар32 th actress Laura Gevorkyan born in 1939лаура гев31th and continues rating soviet actress Maria Tadevosyan(1903-1927)30 th actress Alla Tumanyanrating continues actress presenter Nazeni Hovhannisyan27th.Still ranking Soviet actress Donara Mkrtchyan26th.Below actress Narine Baghdasaryan25th.Rating continues to actress USSR Tinatin Belousova (Hayrapetyan)24th an Armenian mother, Russian father.Rating continues soviet actress Anahit Topchiyan 23thанаитRating continues actress Arpine Israelian23th.Rating continues actress Luiza Gambarian22th.Continues rating famous actress in the Middle East Magaya Petrosyan21th was born in Iran,rating continues actress Anna Ashdyan (Condo)20th,continues Rating theater and film actress Anna Elbakyan19th,below we actress, presenter Gayane Aslamazian18th,below we actress Sofia Poghosyan17th,rating continues actress Shushanna Tovmasyanshushan ,rating continues actress Rozy Avetisovarozi avet,We continue to be the top most beautiful Armenian actresses, and then we have actress Mariam Shahinian14 th,continues Rating theater and film actress Rosy Vard real name Nvard Manvelyan (1923-2012)13th,below we actress Ani Khachikyan 12 th,11th and continues rating theater and film actress Irene Zazyan was born and raised in Iran, it was called the eastern Elizabeth Taylor11th(1927-2012)..Continues rating actress, TV presenter Narine Sultanyan10th,At the 9th place actress Anna Harutyunyanann h rating continues actress Eteri Voskanyan8thstill ranking actress Marinka Khachatryan7th.7 the place actress Irina Ayvazyan Further we actress Mariannа Sirvard Derderian7thContinues rating actress Mariam Adamyanмариам 6thContinues rating actress model Arevik Gevorgyanarevik gevorgyan5th.On the 5th place winner actress Miss Oregon (USA) Sylvia Darpinyan.4 place is actress Angela Sarafian.3 place, the actress Victoria Demirchyanin the 2 place the actress blogger Teni Panosianand in the first place actress director producer Mariam Vardanyan is known as Miriam Vardanymariam2


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Feb. 28th, 2017 06:43 pm (UTC)
Most beautiful armenian actress
very beautiful ranking,most beautiful on this top number 1,4,5,11
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